Nokia’s Android UI on Nokia Normandy leaks out

A few days ago we’ve got a news about the possible Nokia Normandy appearance. Now, @evleaks tweeted again with a new picture. Yes, it is showcasing the Normandy’s Android UI, which kinda looked like a Windows Phone’s Metro UI w/ Live Tiles. We’ll show you the leaked image. If you want to look at it a little closer, then click the picture.


The image reveals that Normandy is a dual-SIM device, as said from the prev. rumors. Ev says that there are ‘two ways to interact with Normandy‘, this means that users will only have two homescreens instead of multiple homescreens (usually 7) that are used by most of Android manufacturers, similar to Asha homescreen. However we can see some apps ‘pinned’ in the ’tiles’, three apps in each row. And there are some additional apps too like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Vine, Opera, and some games. We can saw HERE Maps instead of Google Maps. And don’t forget that big Photo ’tile’ too.

We’d suspect that the Normandy is a heavily-customized version of Android, and it could mean that no Google apps on it (GMail, GMaps, even YouTube, and more), meanwhile some Google services has been replaced by Nokia’s own services (HERE Maps, Nokia Store, and even MixRadio, and more).

No official statement from Nokia so far, but we’ll update the blog as there’s more news. Stay tuned.



Is that the unreleased Nokia Normandy? Looks like Lumia 720

@vizileaks has leak out the ‘Nokia Normandy’, an unreleased Nokia device that will run a forked-version of Android. The phone looks like the Nokia Lumia 720 to our eye. If you’re interested on taking a look at the picture, and want to let us know ‘check your eye!’, we’ll posted a picture below.


The phone has a flash, which the previous leak says it doesn’t. As a comparison, compare the picture above to the Nokia Lumia 720 press picture:


We’re not sure if this is the Normandy, as it appears to Lumia 720 (hided…) smartphone. We’ll keep you updated with some more news.


Nokia Normandy is leaked again in a press-image

Local Spanish Twitter account of evleaks, @evleaksEShas tweeted a picture showing the unannounced Nokia Normandy in several colors. The picture is also showcasing Nokia’s custom Android UI, which (may be in your opinion) looks like Windows Phone’s Metro UI with Live Tiles.


(Click the picture to enlarge)

If you’ve take a more-closer look at the picture, the device has a dual-SIM option. The clock is also set at 10:45 (Nokia 1045?). The Normandy will run forked version of Android, which means there are no Google apps like Play Store, Mail, Google Maps, etc as Amazon do with their Kindle Fire tablets. The Play Store has been replaced with Nokia Store, and, as you can see, there are Nokia’s own MixRadio music streaming service ‘pinned’ on the ‘Start’ screen.

The Normandy is a low-end device spotting a 854×480 (or 480×854) display (possibly 4″ panel), 5 megapixel camera, Android KitKat 4.4.1 out-of-the-box, and has Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset (possibly S200). There’s no info (other than described above) of this device for now.

What do you think? Will it be announced? As you know, Microsoft is going to purchasing Nokia’s handset division, so it may be announced, may be not. We’ll keep you posted with some official statement.