Early prototype of Android-powered Nokia Normandy pops out

The Nokia Normandy is the first Android phone from Nokia (more at the end of the post). However, there are new leaked picture showing Nokia Normandy in action.

OK, the only picture available is this:


It’s not from evleaks, it’s from @seamissu, and then retweeted by @evleaks.

Before that, @evleaks tweeted a picture showing Nokia Normandy’s user interface.


(Click the picture for a larger view)

It’s interesting if you take a look at the UI picture. As you can see, the date is ‘March 25’. This could suggest that this phone will announced at March (or at MWC?) and the time is ’10:45′ (Nokia 1045? Even the AnTuTu benchmark leak says it’s Nokia A110).

The Nokia Normandy is an Android device with forked system, same as Amazon Kindle Fire tablet series. That means you’ll not getting Google apps (PlayStore, Gmail, GMaps, etc.) on it.

If you read the leaked specs, you may know that this would be a low-end device. The Normandy will get a 4″ 480×854 display, 5 megapixel camera, Android 4.4.1, and Snapdragon chipset. Moe you can see in this tweet.

But the company has agreed to sell its handset division to Microsoft. Will it be true? We must wait for a few weeks or months.