Sony Sirius leak picture gallery

XperiaBlog has a closer-look pics on Android 4.4 KitKat UI. Let’s check it out.

XperiaKK01 XperiaKK02

XperiaKK03 XperiaKK04

XperiaKK05 XperiaKK06

XperiaKK07 XperiaKK08

XperiaKK09 XperiaKK10

XperiaKK11 XperiaKK12

XperiaKK13 XperiaKK14

XperiaKK15 XperiaKK16

XperiaKK17 XperiaKK18

XperiaKK19 XperiaKK20

XperiaKK21 XperiaKK22

XperiaKK23 XperiaKK24

XperiaKK25 XperiaKK26

XperiaKK27 XperiaKK28

XperiaKK29 XperiaKK30

XperiaKK31 XperiaKK32

XperiaKK33 XperiaKK34

XperiaKK35 XperiaKK36

XperiaKK37 XperiaKK38

XperiaKK39 XperiaKK40


XperiaKK43 XperiaKK44

From these screenshots we know that:

  • The device is running Android 4.4 KitKat with build number 17.1.A.X.XXX (pic 1)
  • The device will have 4K video recording capability and new ‘Timeshift video’ function (pic 2)
  • The phone will have Glove mode, white balance and smart backlight control (pic 3, pic 4)
  • It will have Smart call handling function (pic 5, pic 6)
  • It will have double-tap to wake function (pic 7)
  • It will have a built-in answering machine in Dialler function (pic 8, pic 9)
  • It will have two homescreen modes (Xperia home, Simple home) (pic 11). It is under the ‘Home’ menu (pic 10). To see the Simple home in action see (pic 12, pic 13, pic 14, pic 15)
  • It has an ‘Audio accessories’ menu and ‘Hi-res Audio via USB’ (pic 16, pic 17)
  • It has some new personalisation options (manage notifications, new pre-installed Xperia Themes) (pic 18, pic 19, pic 20)
  • It has a possibility to change the default SMS app (pic 21)
  • It will come in 16GB internal memory, plus SD slot (just a prediction)
  • It has two power management menu tabs, ‘device’ and ‘accessory’ (pic 23)
  • It has a ‘Location’ menu (changed from ‘Location services’) and there’s a ‘high accuracy’ and ‘low accuracy’ mode too (pic 24)
  • It will have an ability to ‘print’ (pic 25, pic 26)
  • It has a new ‘What’s new’ option; no idea what it could mean (pic 27, pic 28)
  • It will have Xperia UI, plus KitKat-standard transparent status bar (pic 29, pic 30, pic 31, pic 32). The background will come in various colors (pic 20, pic 29, pic 30, pic 31, pic 32)
  • It has switch button between notification view and Quick Settings view. You can also rearrange the Quick Settings too (pic 33, pic 34)
  • It has an unchanged Xperia home launcher view (pic 35, pic 36)
  • It has a transparent tray-app background, plus some pre-installed KitKat apps (pic 37, pic 38, pic 39)
  • It has a ‘Close all’ function in the recent apps view (pic 40)
  • It has an all-new ‘Touch block’ feature. When enabled, the screen will not automatically turn on when exposed to the water (pic 41)
  • Movies app, latest Calendar app, and Garmin navigation Xperia edition start-up (pic 42, pic 43, pic 44).

Last modified Jan 21, 2014 (page V1.0.2 – fixed space on each pictures)


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