Is that the unreleased Nokia Normandy? Looks like Lumia 720

@vizileaks has leak out the ‘Nokia Normandy’, an unreleased Nokia device that will run a forked-version of Android. The phone looks like the Nokia Lumia 720 to our eye. If you’re interested on taking a look at the picture, and want to let us know ‘check your eye!’, we’ll posted a picture below.


The phone has a flash, which the previous leak says it doesn’t. As a comparison, compare the picture above to the Nokia Lumia 720 press picture:


We’re not sure if this is the Normandy, as it appears to Lumia 720 (hided…) smartphone. We’ll keep you updated with some more news.



SM-W750V – First WP Samsung phone with full HD screen

SammyToday  has spotted the new SM-W750V Windows Phone handset in an UA-PROF document and Bluetooth SIG document. SammyToday doesn’t give some informative information, but the picture says it all.

UAProf document



Click picture to enlarge. From this document we know that the SM-W750V will bring Full HD display (1920×1080). LTE and Internet Explorer are also mentioned, so we know that the device will feature LTE connectivity. And because IE is only available on Windows-enabled device.



Bluetooth SIG document


Click the picture to enlarge. As you can see, the device will feature a Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity options.

When will it be announced? We don’t know. Could it be at MWC? We’ll keep you posted with some more news.