Sony D6503 leaked; will bring slim-bezel display

A new leaked picture has been appeared courtesy of an XDA-developers member, iRimas. He (or she, if the people behind the name is a woman) says that this is the picture of an unreleased Xperia, numbered D6503.

This can be a refreshed Xperia Z1 as it brings the same design, but its product number suggests that this is the successor of the Xperia ZL.

Xperia ZL was announced at last year’s CES (2013) along with the Xperia Z. It has a beautifully slim bezel and a smaller body than the Z, but is not waterproof. However, the Xperia Z’s bezels are not as slim as ZL, but is waterproof.

The smaller bezel could mean there is an extra-space for the screen, while keeping the same dimensions. But as for ZL, the device could not be waterproof, and there’s no charging dock that’s suitable for the device.

Ports and slots arrangement is same as the Xperia Z1 except the lanyard slot, which takes position on the left instead on the right (in Z1). The camera placement is same as the Z1 too.

If you want to take a look at the unreleased device, enjoy the pics below. Click the picture to see it in full-size.

SonyD65030 SonyD65031

SonyD65032  SonyD65033


SonyD65034  SonyD65035

He/she says the UI screenshot is coming soon. We’d guess that the UI will be the same as found in the Xperia T2 Ultra.



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