LG G Pro 2 to be announced in MWC; followed by the G3 in May



According to some Korean media, the LG G Pro 2 will launched in MWC late-February, and the G3 will announced in mid-May. The all two will spot a QHD (1440×2560) resolution display. The display is speculated to be 5.5″ screen diagonal, and maybe a really-thin bezel too. Other speculations including 16MP back camera (probably with OIS), and LG’s own processor, currently codenamed ‘Odin’. The announcement is set to May 17.

And, however, the G Pro 2 will have bigger display than G3. Still in QHD resolution, the G Pro 2 will have 5.9″ screen. Unveiling is said to be at MWC on late-February 2014.

There is no official news from LG at the moment, but, fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long to see the devices. Stay tuned for more news! Source (Korean)/Via


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