Sony D6503 aka Sirius rumor roundup

We’ve missed some news, including some of the Sony D6503 leaks, fortunately XperiaBlog  has some notes about the device, and we’re round-upping it here. Let’s check it out.

  • A few days ago we’ve posted some Xperia Z1 refresh pictures. Now it looks like there’s some more. The device is faced side-by-side with Xperia Z1. As you can see from the pictures, the Z1 successor has a (slightly) slimmer body, but sightly wider display. And we’ve found some ‘selfie’ Sirius pics too. It reveals that the Z1 successor has a small dual-front facing speakers (not as big as found in HTC One). And one of the speakers have some small LED indicators, too.

Sirius (left); Z1 (right)



Sirius (right); Z1 (left)











  • A couple of screenshots reveals some 4.4 KitKat screenshots. The Z1’s successor (possibly called Z2) is tipped to launch with 4.4 out of the box. We can saw some features that the Z2 has, too, including 4K video recording, ‘Glove mode’, and more. However, we’re not sure those forty-four pictures fits this post. Check those pics by clicking this link.
  • If you’re interested, the wallpapers for Sony Sirius (also seen on Xperia T2 Ultra) can be downloaded at this link. The RAR archive contains three wallpapers. The pictures are labeled as ‘connect_ps4′, ‘create_ps4’ and ‘discover_ps4’, which means that they are ported from Sony PS4 gaming console.

No official statement from Sony so far, we’ll keep you updated with some news.

Source/Source 2



Samsung’s new MagazineUX leaked

Samsung has announce new TabPRO and NotePRO tablets at CES, which introduces new UI called Magazine UX. It delivers you news from feeds that you’ve subscribed in a WP-style live-tiles like UI (similar to Flipboard/HTC BlinkFeed). Now, the UI of the Samsung’s Magazine UX for phones has been leaked by @evleaks.


With this leak, it suggests that Samsung will bring this magazine-style UI to its newer phones (possibly high-end ones).



Sony D6503 leaked; will bring slim-bezel display

A new leaked picture has been appeared courtesy of an XDA-developers member, iRimas. He (or she, if the people behind the name is a woman) says that this is the picture of an unreleased Xperia, numbered D6503.

This can be a refreshed Xperia Z1 as it brings the same design, but its product number suggests that this is the successor of the Xperia ZL.

Xperia ZL was announced at last year’s CES (2013) along with the Xperia Z. It has a beautifully slim bezel and a smaller body than the Z, but is not waterproof. However, the Xperia Z’s bezels are not as slim as ZL, but is waterproof.

The smaller bezel could mean there is an extra-space for the screen, while keeping the same dimensions. But as for ZL, the device could not be waterproof, and there’s no charging dock that’s suitable for the device.

Ports and slots arrangement is same as the Xperia Z1 except the lanyard slot, which takes position on the left instead on the right (in Z1). The camera placement is same as the Z1 too.

If you want to take a look at the unreleased device, enjoy the pics below. Click the picture to see it in full-size.

SonyD65030 SonyD65031

SonyD65032  SonyD65033


SonyD65034  SonyD65035

He/she says the UI screenshot is coming soon. We’d guess that the UI will be the same as found in the Xperia T2 Ultra.


Mystery Xperia back panel leaked

Sony has started its 2014 phone portfolio with the Xperia Z1 Compact showcased at CES, followed by Xperia T2 Ultra (dual) and Xperia E1 (dual). Now, according to a Chinese forum Digi-wo, a new panel that’s supposedly a backpanel of the future Xperia (don’t know which one; although some peoples trusted it is Z2). We’ll showcase the picture below; click the picture for a larger view.


The picture came from someone who is working on Sony as an R&D department. The phone has same camera placement as the Xperia Z1 Compact. According to the forum post, the phone will offer a 23 megapixel back camera, 5.3″ screen, and will be available in 5 different colors. However, the back cover is not made from glass. It looks like Sony is using some other material to build this back cover (matte/metallic or even carbon fiber?).

If you look closely at the picture, this could be a Japanese-only smartphone model. The ‘XPERIA’ logo placement is at the middle of the phone, while the international model has a big ‘SONY’ logo at the middle of the phone, and XPERIA logo at the bottom, starting from Xperia M. At the bottom of the backplate, it says ‘XX-XXX’. This indicates that this is the carrier model for Japan only; This is the model number that the device could have (for example SO-03E). Other indications revealing the Japan-only model is the tap-to-pay logo instead of NFC logo.

Rumors also indicates that this device will be announced in sometime in February (possibly at MWC). We need to wait to tell you that this is real or not.


Huawei S7-721U aka MediaPad 7 Youth2; Another low-end tablet



We just saw the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite yesterday, and as answer to the tablet (and many low-end tabs too), Huawei has unveiled the MediaPad 7 Youth2 aka Huawei S7-721U. Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Metallic frame, measures 193.4×120.6×9.9mm (about 350g)
  • 7″ display with 1024×600 pixel of resolution (169ppi)
  • Quad-core MSM8x12 1.2GHz processor
  • Android 4.3 with manufacturer’s custom Emotion UI
  • Usual connectivity options (WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, HSPA+ 21Mbps, A-GPS)
  • 3MP rear camera; VGA on the other side
  • 4GB internal memory, 1GB RAM, microSD expansion slot
  • 4100mAh battery with “Huawei’s patented power-saving tech and the Dynamic Power Management system”.

With these specs, the Youth2 should have priced at a budget friendly price; maybe even more cheaper than 100 Euros?

HuaweiS7-721U-1 HuaweiS7-721U-2 HuaweiS7-721U-3


Official Page

LG G Pro 2 to be announced in MWC; followed by the G3 in May



According to some Korean media, the LG G Pro 2 will launched in MWC late-February, and the G3 will announced in mid-May. The all two will spot a QHD (1440×2560) resolution display. The display is speculated to be 5.5″ screen diagonal, and maybe a really-thin bezel too. Other speculations including 16MP back camera (probably with OIS), and LG’s own processor, currently codenamed ‘Odin’. The announcement is set to May 17.

And, however, the G Pro 2 will have bigger display than G3. Still in QHD resolution, the G Pro 2 will have 5.9″ screen. Unveiling is said to be at MWC on late-February 2014.

There is no official news from LG at the moment, but, fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long to see the devices. Stay tuned for more news! Source (Korean)/Via

Nokia’s Android UI on Nokia Normandy leaks out

A few days ago we’ve got a news about the possible Nokia Normandy appearance. Now, @evleaks tweeted again with a new picture. Yes, it is showcasing the Normandy’s Android UI, which kinda looked like a Windows Phone’s Metro UI w/ Live Tiles. We’ll show you the leaked image. If you want to look at it a little closer, then click the picture.


The image reveals that Normandy is a dual-SIM device, as said from the prev. rumors. Ev says that there are ‘two ways to interact with Normandy‘, this means that users will only have two homescreens instead of multiple homescreens (usually 7) that are used by most of Android manufacturers, similar to Asha homescreen. However we can see some apps ‘pinned’ in the ’tiles’, three apps in each row. And there are some additional apps too like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Vine, Opera, and some games. We can saw HERE Maps instead of Google Maps. And don’t forget that big Photo ’tile’ too.

We’d suspect that the Normandy is a heavily-customized version of Android, and it could mean that no Google apps on it (GMail, GMaps, even YouTube, and more), meanwhile some Google services has been replaced by Nokia’s own services (HERE Maps, Nokia Store, and even MixRadio, and more).

No official statement from Nokia so far, but we’ll update the blog as there’s more news. Stay tuned.


Sony to roll out Xperia SP/T/TX/V 4.3 update from end-January/early-February

Last month, Sony has confirmed that the 4.3 update will start to roll out from December 2013. But as for now, the update won’t come. It looks like Sony is fixing some bugs that are found in the experimental build, and today Sony came with a quote of:

Hopefully this will be the exact date of the update being rolled out, since a few of tech-sites (especially fan-sites like XperiaBlog) has some comments asking about the 4.3 update for their phones. As usual, availability may vary by country and carrier, so please be patient. Hope you’ll get the update soon, and you’re happy with your update!

Low-end Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite (7″) just got official

Tab3LiteWhite Tab3LiteBlack

After rumors and rumors, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has, finally, unveiled by Samsung.

As a low-class tablet, it only has 7″ display with a resolution of WSVGA (1024×600), making its pixel density low enough (around 170ppi). Other (well, maybe, standard) feature that the tablet carries is a 1.2GHz dual-core processor (dunno who made the chipset), 1GB RAM, one choice of storage (8GB) and microSD expansion slot.

Things cutted from the original Tab3 7″ tablet was the (rear) camera and the slimness (only a bit). It brings 2MP camera instead of 3MP camera in the regular Tab3 7″ model, and it has a 9.7mm slimness instead of 9.9mm. The camera has some features too such as smile shot, Shoot & Share and Panorama Shot.

It offers some connectivity options too like Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ (2.4GHz), Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetoth 4.0, and USB2.0. There will be also a 3G version of the tablet, with a 21Mbps of download speed and 5.76Mbps of upload speed. And it can receive GPS signal too.

The Operating System has been upgraded a bit, spotting Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, while the regular 7″ model still stuck on Android 4.1.

The tablet’s dimension is at 193.4×116.4×9.7mm and weighs at 310 grams for the WiFi model. The battery capacity is at 3,600mAh that Samsung claims can handle up to 8 hours of video playback.

No information of the pricing and the availability date, though, hopefully it will come in a really-affordable price as rumored earlier (100 Euro/$129).

Tab3LiteWhite360 Tab3LiteBlack360